Corsi di italiano a stranieri: integrazione e cittadinanza

Iscrizioni chiuse

The Italian courses for foreigners will be created on the basis of the linguistic competence levels of the students.

The administration of a placement test is foreseen to place the student in the class most suited to his needs. Subsequently, educational paths will be appropriately created based on the students' profile.

The materials will be created specifically by the teacher, to avoid students having to buy books.

The courses will have three phases:

  •     An initial awareness among students and knowledge of the online platform and the style of the lessons.
  •     The central phase will be dedicated to teaching the Italian language. A program will be created for each activated course in order to make the programs clear to students as well. For those aiming to obtain certifications, specific preparation materials will be sent.
  •     The last phase involves the consolidation of what has been learned and a final test to understand the students' learning level.

Course objectives

The Italian courses for foreigners are aimed at developing a linguistic-communicative and intercultural competence that can be spent in Italian society. In fact, we want to create courses aimed mainly at foreigners who want to obtain a residence permit (level A2) and / or citizenship (level B1) or who intend to improve their skills to improve the quality of life through the search for a job, the beginning of a course of study, the building of a family in Italy, and so on.



2 lessons per week for 12 weeks (three months)

Each lesson lasts 2 hours.

Lessons take place ONLINE every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00 (except holidays and days before holidays).

The course can be attended one month at a time. To obtain the final certificate of attendance it is mandatory to follow the entire course.



The total contribution for the entire course is € 150.00 payable in three monthly installments of € 50.00 each.

To register, you need to fill in the registration form and the related privacy policy and send them to



The course is aimed at all foreigners who intend to:

  •      Obtain a residence permit (A2 level certification)
  •      Obtain Italian citizenship (B1 level certification)
  •      To improve one's competence in Italian in view of long-lasting work, school and / or family projects in Italy





Per le lezioni On-line, una volta iscritti, saranno inviate le istruzioni per accedere alle piattaforme.